Coaching Packages

From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Life Coaching consists of assisting others to reach their full potential, by ‘drawing from within them’ their grandest version of the vision of themselves. I do this best by working in the areas of your passions, your gift & your goals.

If you’re ready to go from Goal-‘Setting,’ to Goal-GETTING, Inquire about your FREE, First, 20 minute session!

Basic Package

$600 (One-Time Fee)
  • This package is for those who have come to the realization that they are tired of ‘getting ready to make a move,’ and have decided the time for change is NOW. It is designed for those that have ideas you’d like to implement in your life and may just need a ‘jump-start session’ to get you up and running. Common feelings people have at this stage are:
  • • You realize you no longer ‘need permission’ to do what you’ve always wanted and now you want to move into your action steps
  • • You have visions of what you’d TRULY like to do, but may feel overwhelmed with taking your first steps
  • • You’re ready to take control of your life and are eager to discover viable ways to do just that
  • • You’re easily self-motivated and obtaining solid footing with a personalized plan is all that you need to forge ahead
  • This package is a ‘Jump-Start’ session to determine your next steps and assists you in developing ways to implement them to move towards your goals. ‘Jump-Start’ is just that. It is not long-term coaching and therefore combines action steps for you to implement quickly in a two-part session to determine your goals and to get you started on your initial goal-getting regimen. While it’s cautious to look before you leap, you won’t be ‘jumping’ without a net. You’ll know your next steps and be inspired to take them!

Premium Package

$1,200 / MONTH
  • This package is a personalized one, tailored to your specific individual needs. Sessions are designed for those who may have already started on your desired path but encountered challenges or obstacles that have prevented you in your efforts to gain momentum and move forward successfully. It is for those who may be ‘aware of the basics’ of goal-setting and want to experience outstanding results of goal GETTING, by following a proven path to achieving goals. If you’ve already ventured on your desired path and just need a bit of assistance to remain motivated and on track, this option will help you to get reinvigorated, refocused and rejuvenated for the next steps to take to move you forward in achieving your goals! Common concerns people experience at this stage include:
  • • Feeling stuck or stagnated in life, and you simply want to discover areas to exhibit your true passion and gifts
  • • You’re experiencing a bit of fear and trepidation in relation to achieving your goals and you’d like to identify and squarely address those concerns
  • • You want to recognize what is working for you in your life—and what’s not
  • • You are ready to clarify your priorities and what is important in your life—so that you can create what you truly want to experience in your life
  • • You are dedicated to your own commitment and are ready to invest in your life, your future and the attainment of your goals
  • This package requires a *3-month commitment, (billed once a month) and includes four personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions per month. Each phone session last 45 minutes. Our collaboration will enable you to STEPP—Start To Exercise Personal Power in many areas of your life, so that you are able to make positive change in your life, by focusing on the steps needed to achieve your goals. In addition to the support, encouragement and accountability you’ll receive, you’ll be given ‘self-work’ assignments which are ‘action items’ designed to assist you to keep your eye on the prize and propel you to reach your goals so that you can begin creating a life that you’ll enjoy.

VIP Package

$1,300 / MONTH
  • This is the ‘Golden Goal’ package of implementing the needed steps to successfully go from ‘Goal-setting to Goal-GETTING!’ Rather you’re keenly aware of the goals you’d like to achieve, or you feel as if ‘you haven’t a clue what you’d like to do,’ or you are in the process of searching for your purpose in life,’ this package is designed to get you moving without the frustration and hesitation you may have felt in your past in relation to achieving your goals. This package is customized to your specific needs and lifestyle, and is ideal for those who want to:
  • • Define and set your short and long-term goals
  • • Gain clarity on your vision/desires/passions
  • • Identify your ‘hidden talents’
  • • Assist you to determine your core values—so that you can align your life with them & enjoy a more harmonious lifestyle
  • • Reconnect with the ‘inner you,’ so that you may honor your true self
  • • Implement a series of ‘steps’ that get you ‘walking in the right direction’
  • • Increase your confidence as you move boldly towards your desires
  • • You are ready to receive ‘coaching rather than coddling,’ and you know establishing a plan of accountability and implementing your plan will take you much further than ‘just envisioning what you want to happen.’
  • • You’re ready to develop your M.A.P. (My Action Plan) a customized plan which is your ultimate step-by-step blueprint designed to assist you to set—and GET your Goals!
  • This package requires a 6-month commitment (billed once a month), and includes six personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions per month. Each phone session lasts 60 minutes. In addition, it includes: E-mail sessions to review and collaborate your goal-setting goal-getting steps, feedback in relation to the self-work assignments you’ve completed and a progressive plan for you to continue to move forward after your sessions end.