Sherry Brantley

Speaking Engagements

“Helping You To Create The Grandest Version Of The Vision Of Your Self!”


Sherry’s rich, inspiring and motivating presentations always gain her rave reviews! She shares her vast knowledge with a down-to-earth humorist style that audiences love, and leaves them with definitive ways to reflect on how to promote their own growth personally, professionally, locally and globally! Sherry shares stories derived from her own vast, personal experiences and weaves them in ways that her audiences are quickly engaged, helping them to connect their own journey of life through her quick wit, communication and delivery style. Emotionally-charged stories assists the audience to retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining yet educational experience.

Participants will leave with meaningful tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately to effect and impact powerful, positive change in their daily lives.

As a leading Parenting Instructor for Michigan State University’s ‘Building Strong Families’ program, Sherry was successful in teaching parents, teachers and caregivers to develop positive communication skills and assisted then in utilizing techniques that were helpful in enhancing the overall dynamics of creating a positive family structure.

Sherry worked for many years within the school district in Lansing, Michigan as a Mediation Expert and Peace Counselor for 4th-12th grade students helping to de-escalate rivalry among them, foster positive communication techniques and encourage them to develop personal goals that would take them through high school and beyond!

Sherry’s unique STEPP (Start To Exercise Personal Power) and her RAVE (Recognize, Analyze, Visualize & Empowerize) programs allows participants to develop a unique, personalized blueprint that sets them on a purposeful, passionate path to attain personal goals!

Areas of Expertise:


Personal Empowerment


Conflict Resolution


Creating Healthy Relationships


Problem Solving


Goal-Setting, Goal-Getting Corporate Training


Self Help


Communication Skills




Spiritual Growth


“Everything went wonderfully. Sherry Brantley was fantastic and she was the right choice for us at this time!”


“Sherry possesses a rare talent she has just recently allowed herself to offer to the public. Her special gift for words expressed through short stories, poetry and hard-hitting news articles relating to real life issues are a testimony to her extraordinary history. She brings a fresh perspective to situations and circumstances we all face but seldom resolve. The S.T.E.P.P. program was borne out of Sherry’s determination to personally take her NO and change it to NOW.”


“Ms. Brantley has the uncanny knack of connecting with her audience on so many levels. She truly has a gift for helping others get excited about achieving their goals and then shows them just how to do so!”


“To have Ms. Brantley work in isolation would be a criminal waste of her interpersonal skills. If you hanker to change hearts and minds, turn her loose with people!”