Hire Sherry for Your Next Event!

Looking for a speaker that is sure to engage your audience in interactive, motivational, humorous and entertaining ways? Inspirational speaker and award-winning author, Sherry Brantley, is known for her dynamic, energetic, humorous interactive seminars and workshops. Her STEPP© book includes the techniques she created in her STEPP program, (Start To Exercise Personal Power) and its sister program, RAVE©. (Recognize, Analyze, Visualize & Empowerize!)

Sherry’s mission is to assist people to make choices in their lives that effect positive change, by tapping into and utilizing their own Personal Power while respecting and accepting the Personal Power of others. Both her STEPP© and RAVE© programs incorporate techniques that are easy-to-implement immediately and have proven to be successful for participants in many areas of their lives.

Sherry is a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and a Certified Professional Coach. (CPC) Known as the ‘Coach that doesn’t Coddle’ Sherry has a way of assisting participants to ‘cut through the crap,’ so they’re able to recognize their true potential.

Sherry incorporates the techniques of her STEPP & RAVE programs in a way that personalizes and personifies these techniques to meet YOUR speaking goals. Whether you’re looking to Inspire, Motivate, Entertain or Educate your audience, Sherry’s vast years of experience in working with organizations, businesses and universities, will ignite and delight your audience.

Contact Sherry for your next event and see why she has received the below, ‘RAVE’ reviews!

Michigan State University

“Ms. Brantley has the uncanny knack of connecting with her audience on so many levels. She truly has a gift for helping others get excited about achieving their goals and then shows them just how to do so!”

Greater Lansing Housing Coalition (GLHC)

”To have Ms. Brantley work in isolation would be a criminal waste of her interpersonal skills. If you hanker to change hearts and minds, turn her loose with people!”
-Almus Thorp/Executive Director, Greater Lansing Housing Coalition

Nazareth College

Everything went wonderfully. Sherry Brantley was fantastic, and she was the right choice for us at this time.
-Nazareth College Staff Member, Rochester, New York

Workshop Participant

“Sherry possesses a rare talent she offers to the public. Her special gift for words expressed through short stories, poetry and hard-hitting news articles relating to real life issues are a testimony to her extraordinary history. She brings a fresh perspective to situations and circumstances we all face but seldom resolve. The S.T.E.P.P. program was borne out of Sherry’s determination to personally take her NO and change it to NOW.”
-Mary D., Workshop Participant