Sherry Brantley

Author | Speaker | Life Coach

Sherry Brantley is the author of the Bestseller, STEPP: Start To Exercise Personal Power — How To Create Positive Change in Your Life! She is a Certified Life Coach and is a dynamic leader and trainer specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting and Goal-Attaining.

Begin to experience the Grandest Version of The Vision of Yourself!

My style of coaching is designed to draw from within YOU, your inner desires and your ultimate vision for your life. Coaching sessions provide you with clear, concise, easy-to-implement action steps designed to propel you to look forward to achieving your desires and creating the life you want!

Our collaboration will enable you to STEPP—Start To Exercise Personal Power, to make positive change in your life, by focusing on the steps needed to achieve your goals. In addition to the support, encouragement and accountability you’ll receive, you’ll be given ‘self-work’ assignments which are ‘action items’ designed to propel you to reach your goals, so that you can begin creating a life that you’ll enjoy.

All coaching packages include: ‘Self-work’ (not homework) assignments for participants to complete that are designed to help you define your purpose and passion and assist you to look forward to the completion of your goals.

While some sessions may include some ‘comforting’ depending on what is needed for the participant, sessions are not designed for those seeking only to be ‘coddled,’ nor for those who are looking for ‘someone else to do the work for them.’ If you are truly ready to STEPP—Start To Exercise Personal Power in YOUR life, review my dynamically empowering coaching packages and let’s get started!

Sherry’s passionate purpose is to assist people to make positive choices in their daily lives effecting positive change by recognizing and utilizing their own Personal Power while respecting and accepting the Personal Power of others. She discovered early in life that she possessed the unique gift of being able to connect with others in a personal way, allowing her to understand their concerns, empathize with their plight and assist them to develop ways to overcome challenges.

Using proven techniques that she developed through her STEPP & her R.A.V.E. (Recognize, Analyze, Visualize & Empowerize) programs, participants prepare personalized plans designed to propel them to accomplish their goals.