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By Sherry Brantley



What happens when a family death wreaks havoc among siblings? What would you do if the ‘peace-maker’ of the family suddenly loses control? If the opportunity arose, would you agree to simply ‘burn the will,’ sell the estate and split the proceeds? What would be your response when calling the cops and being told: “We’re not coming out, unless there are bullets flying and bodies to count?” Elizabeth Caliente is faced with such propositions in Sherry Brantley’s debut novel, ‘Best of Friends,’ which has won two national awards for “Best Fiction of the Year!”

As one reviewer puts it: “Meet the ‘Fabulous Five,’ as ‘Best of Friends’ takes readers on a whirlwind excursion among five friends. Though often humorous, the ride is filled with lessons on friendship, family dynamics and strong relationships! You’ll love connecting with the members of the ‘Fabulous Five,’ as they deal individually and collectively with the drama that surrounds them!”



In this much-anticipated prequel to the ‘Best of Friends’ book, readers will learn how the ‘Fabulous Five’ group was formed in their youth, and uncover the mystery of the ‘Secret of the Blanket.’ A secret so shocking, that each of them declare it shall never be repeated–or alluded to, to anyone outside of their close-knit group, no matter what. What happens to their friendship once they come together to reveal the truths of their painful pasts? Truths they vowed to keep forever sealed? And what will be the ultimate consequences of the sharing of these truths? Will they be able to maintain their vow of secrecy and sustain their friendship? Or will the magnitude of what they’ve shared with one another, in addition to what they’ve stumbled upon, wreak untold havoc with the group? Join the women as they discover who they are, and what they’re truly made of! ‘Before Best of Friends’ includes an excerpt from the books’ final trilogy, “Still Best of Friends.” You won’t want to miss out on the upcoming, heart-pounding finale!



KIM WORTHY: After her one and only betrayal to Dale, will Kim be able to maintain a relationship that had initially been built on trust? Or has Dale reached his ‘point of no return’ and discovered there is no ‘point in returning? What will the revelation of Kim’s long-kept secret cost her?
KIONA STONE: Kiona was well aware from the start to follow her intuition and ‘do the right thing.’ But she chose differently. Now with the stakes as high as they’ll ever be, will she find the courage to come clean with Wayne and the members of the ‘Fabulous Five’ and release herself from her own guilt? Or will she ultimately decide one lie is worth taking to her grave?
ANGELA JACKSON: A.J. sincerely tried over the years to keep her ‘Vicious Vicki’ persona semi-hidden, deep within. ‘But,’ she reasons to herself; ‘being truthful is a thankless and lonely job but dammit, somebody’s gotta do it!’ When bringing the truth to the forefront for the members of the ‘Fabulous Five,’ will A.J.’s alter-ego cost all of them the extraordinary friendship which they’ve cultivated over the years?
QUINEETA DAVIS: Quineeta is shocked to discover just where her precious necklace was found. ‘The only place on earth that she wouldn’t be able to explain.’ How will this information affect the members of the ‘Fabulous Five’ and more importantly, how will they each survive such a discovery?
ELIZABETH CALIENTE`: With the uncovering of the ‘lost necklace’ bearing Elizabeth’s full name, will she be able to maintain her innocence, or will the circumstantial evidence found at the site of the ‘Dastardly Duke Discovery’ prove to be more than she’s able to handle? And what about the other members of the ‘Fabulous Five’ also sworn to a lifetime of secrecy surrounding this event? Will they be able to maintain their vow of secrecy and anonymity or will the media frenzy put an end to that?


‘Best of Friends Trilogy: Complete Series (Books 1-3)’

The Fabulous Five were bound together by secrets they’d all collectively swore to carry to their graves. Not a word to anyone outside of their close-knit, circle of trust. But with the ‘Dastardly Duke Discovery’ exposing the ‘Secret of the Blanket,’ will the Fabulous Five find themselves desperately being consumed in a modern-day media frenzy that is threatening to consume them?



STEPP Details what Personal Power is, and how one can begin to recognize and utilize it in their lives, by giving personalized tips and techniques for readers.

Are you frustrated from not knowing how to achieve your goals? Do you become excited at the prospect of becoming a better version of you, but have no idea how to get started? Would you like to establish goals that allow you to access immediate success, helping you keep your eyes on the prize as you approach the finish line?

S.T.E.P.P., Start To Exercise Personal Power, will show you simple steps for developing your personal M.A.P. (My Action Plan), setting you on a clear path to success! In Sherry Brantley’s book, you will discover how easy the STEPP Technique is to implement into your daily life because it is designed and tailored to fit your personal lifestyle.

With Brantley’s help, you’ll soon have incorporated these basic techniques, leaving behind the ‘wishing’ stage and joining the ‘my goals are already existing’ stage.


As a former parenting instructor for Michigan State University’s ‘Building Strong Families’ program, as well as a Conflict Resolutionist and Parenting Instructor for the Eaton County School District in Michigan, Sherry Brantley has had over 12 years of assisting parents to develop positive parenting skills and techniques. To be sure, not everything works on all children at all times. There will never be a program that achieves that elusive goal. But successful parents know it is a combination of techniques used consistently and over a period of time that yield the best results. Though it is geared towards the divorcing parent, parents who are enjoying marital bliss will find tidbits of wisdom they can implement as well. In that regard, this book is an equal opportunity parenting guide!

Seven Successful Strategies For Divorced Parents’ Topics Include:

  • Simple Solutions to Finding Common Ground
  • Conflict Resolution: Rules In Action
  • Reveals The ‘Five Fatal Hidden Negatives’ We Teach Our Children In The Areas of: Health | Finances | Relationships | Education
  • Living Vicariously Through Our Children
  • Tips to Assist Children/Teens to Develop Healthy Friendships
  • Checklist For Confident Parenting!


Sherry Brantley was a divorced parent of three young girls. As she describes it: “I was homeless, jobless, car-less and clueless, but thankfully not hopeless. Her Personal Belief: We all have a Spiritual, Personal Power. We have always possessed this power. The Power is within us. All of us—without exception. We can learn to tap into this power on a daily basis, to begin to make positive choices in how our lives should go, resulting in the changes in our lives that we would like to accomplish. It is a Universal Law that states: ‘What you focus on in life, you expand in your life.’ Topics include: Clarifying Your Destiny, Learn the Two Steps to Gaining Spiritual Understanding, Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Tithing—But Were Afraid to Ask, Identifying Your Unique Gifts and More!




Features a collection of poetry done over a period of several years, reflecting the different stages we all experience while on this journey we call life. From happy, to not-so-happy, from being excited and hopeful, to feelings of disappointment and what some may term as ‘challenging,’ you’ll discover within it’s pages, the myriad of feelings we all share, from Spiritual elation to emotional deflation.