Guaranteed Session with Author!

How often have you wished the author whose books you’ve read, could JOIN YOU in your discussion of the book?

Are you a member of a book club looking for a lively, featured, guest author? Are you starting a new book club and would like an entertaining author to attend?

YOUR book club can meet with Sherry Brantley, the author of the bestselling ‘STEPP-Start To Exercise Personal Power-How To Create Positive Change In Your Life,’ and of the sensational ‘Best of Friends’ trilogy, that has received two National Awards for ‘Best Fiction of the Year!’

It’s easy! For book clubs with 6 or more members, simply order copies of Sherry’s books via, then use the ‘Contact’ page on this site to submit your request.

You’ll receive a response encouraging you to set a date/time & social medium forum for an interactive, live, ‘Meet The Author’ session, where you’ll be privy to the ‘inside information’ of the true characters of her books and what inspired her to write about them!

Think you know everything about ‘Best of Friends?’  Think again! Sherry will reveal even more in-depth details of what transpired and what her initial reactions to some of the events were.

You’ll also receive a fun ‘True/False’ form prior to the author session, for you to guess which parts of the trilogy are based on actual facts and which parts are based on fiction. You will be amazed at the answers!

  • All confirmed author signings will be honored
  • Offer subject to change without notice
  • Offer applicable to any of Sherry Brantley’s books
  • *Offer extended to ‘Sady Belafontay’ titles as well