Recommended Reading


‘From Brilliant Bitch To Dynamic Diva!: Learn How To Stop Being A Stupid Bitch (The Working Woman’s Guide) (Volume 1)’

Would you like to learn how to stop being a stupid Bitch? Interested in discovering ow to be a Powerful, Dynamic Diva, who in turn may still be called a Bitch–but one that is in control–instead of always having someone else control you or your circumstances? Have you ever wanted:

·To gather the courage to respectfully stand up to a ridiculous boss?
·To find the courage to finally get OUT of a toxic relationship–for good?
·To find your TRUE Purpose?

You CAN achieve the level of greatness you envision for yourself! For there is a Dynamic Diva within you–and it is asking to be applied in your life–not to hide or be denied!


‘From Brilliant Bitch To Dynamic Diva!: The Working Woman’s Guide (Volume 2)’

From Brilliant Bitch… details the specific steps one must take to successfully go from being a Brilliant Bitch–To a Dynamic Diva! It includes true, personalized events which women face on a daily basis, and details how to avoid becoming the victim and be the Victor instead! Tired of being a weak, whiny, woman who never seems to be in control? Tired of sitting on the sidelines while others learn to live life on their own terms? Then learn how to be a woman that grabs the bull by the horns and understands how to shape & create her own Destiny! Learn to tap into the Dynamic Diva in YOUR life. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she only requests that you unleash her positive, powerful energy on YOUR behalf. There is a Dynamic Diva in all of us. It knows that you CAN ACHIEVE all that you’d like to receive! Learn the 7 Steps to begin to experience your different levels of Bitchdom, so that you can tap into your Wisdom, and don’t ‘Deny’ your power, learn to ‘Rely’ on your Power!


‘From Brilliant Bitch To Dynamic Diva!: Don’t Think Like A Man–Think Like A Diva! (Volume 3)’

Tired of male authors advising that we women should ‘Think Like A Man But Act Like A Lady? Frustrated with male authors that claim they will spill the ‘secrets’ on how to get and keep a man? Fed-up with books that continue with the double standard that ‘women should hold out & put themselves on lock-down’ while men get to spread themselves all over town? Want to learn how to become a Brilliant Bitch in control? Want to finally learn the ‘secrets’ to not only getting the man you want–but one that also wants YOU? Then this volume of the Dynamic Diva series, ‘Don’t Think Like A Man–Think Like A Diva is for you! Learn to not just ‘name’ your power, but to claim it! Want to be a Real Woman with a REAL Man? Want to experience what you desire AND what you Deserve? Want to show partners that are not respecting you how to begin to do so, or ‘Get ‘Ta Stepping?” Then begin by honoring YOU in all your glory. When you honor you, others are compelled to do the same!


‘From Brilliant Bitch To Dynamic Diva!: Real Advice for Real Women! (Volume 4)’

Fed up with getting ‘advice’ from a minister that has a mistress on the side? Or a ‘man of the cloth,’ that suggests you must ‘live with and deal with’ being married to an abuser, a philanderer or a spouse whose sole career goal is to not HAVE a career? Are you still nurturing a mate that has been unemployed more years in his life than he’s been employed? Tired of psychoanalysts that are just plain ‘psycho and anal’ themselves? Frustrated by a therapist telling you to put your fears to ‘bed,’ as he tries to get YOU to bed? Real Advice For Real Women is the book for you if you’re ready to be the Powerful, Purposeful, Passionate woman you’ve envisioned yourself to be! Are you ready to take a step in the direction that encourages you to abandon the backward beliefs of an era past it’s time and that doesn’t acknowledge you in your prime? Learn to generate and create positive benefits in the four most important relationships in your life: •Relationship with YOU•Relationship With Your Children•Relationship With Your Spiritual Self•Relationship With Your Spouse/Lover/Mate