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Manuscript Writing Services: Introduction

Have you thought of completing your dream of becoming a published author this year? Is it time to finally write your memoir? Do you have a desire to leave a legacy of family history for future generations? Maybe you have a message for the masses and a book would be the perfect vehicle to get you on that path? Perhaps you’ve looked up agencies that offer manuscript writing services and were simply confused on the specific manuscript writing services you may need to complete your book?

Let’s face it, there is quite a bit of information one needs to know in order to realize their dream of becoming a published author. Whether you’re working with several different outlets or choosing different avenues to complete the task, it can be challenging to wade through the myriad of places that offer manuscript writing services and downright daunting to sift through them.

Manuscript Writing Services: STEPP™ Publishing

This is where STEPP Publishing ‘steps’ in to save the day! We are your ‘one-stop- shop’ for book publishing. No matter what your manuscript writing services needs may be, we’re here to assist you. From proof-reading, to sentence structure and craft, to word choice, clarity and flow—we’re the publishing company to get you and your book on the go! Our manuscript writing services take into account the completion of your book—from A to Z! This includes manuscript evaluation, editing, printing and publishing.

When it comes to cost for our manuscript writing services—STEPP Publishing can’t be beat! While other publishing companies provide services that range from $15,000, $30,000, $40,000 and more…it’s no wonder many people have simply given up on their dream of becoming a published author. Along with the ‘hidden costs and fees,’ other publishers present you with, authors have to also pay their publisher for eternity—each time they order their book! As if that weren’t enough, many publishers request you order a minimum of books—usually enough to fill your basement or garage—for years to come.

This is not so with the manuscript writing services of STEPP Publishing. We are the only publisher that has ELIMINATED the additional cost for authors to order their books, and we do not have a minimum amount that must be ordered. So if your desire is to order only ten copies of your book, you’re able to do just that! There’s no longer a need to order more than you’re comfortable with, nor more than you’re willing—or able to order.

Manuscript Writing Services: The STEPP™ Difference

Finally, a publishing company that offers manuscript writing services with the newfound author in mind! No hidden costs or fees, no minimum number of books to order, and no more paying your publisher forever—each time you order copies of your book, simply for the ‘privilege of having worked with them!’ STEPP Publishing was created with YOU in mind!

STEPP’s publishing & manuscript writing services are a good fit for you if…

  • You have a completed book you’ve been longing to publish
  • You have started a book—but life ‘got in the way’
  • You’ve felt publishing your book would be too time consuming
  • You’ve felt publishing your book would be too costly
  • You would love to actually publish what you’ve written
  • You have a ‘message for the masses’ and don’t know where to start
  • You’ve often been told you should write a book
  • You have learned valuable life lessons that you’d like to share
  • You’re wanting your book to be a springboard for your speaking career
  • You have a memoir/legacy you’d like to publish for your future generation
  • Your book is an item on your ‘Bucket List,’ which you’d finally like to complete

One-on-One Manuscript Writing Services

Isn’t it time you worked with a publishing company whose manuscript writing services treats you fairly and equitably? One that offers a one-on-one relationship with you from start to finish? One created by an Amazon Bestselling author that has addressed the challenges and pitfalls of the publishing industry—so that you can avoid them? STEPP’s manuscript writing services are completed professionally, timely and confidentially. Our manuscript writing services allows you to become a published author within 30 days or less—with Less stress, less funds and less time!

Stop putting your dream of being a published author on hold. It’s time to ‘STEPP’ up to YOU—by partnering with the manuscript writing services of STEPP Publishing. Want to see your finished product—your book—in hand sooner than you’d imagined? Contact STEPP Publishing, review our manuscript writing services and let’s work towards finally getting YOUR book

Sherry Brantley is the author of several books, including STEPP- Start To Exercise Personal Power—How To Create Positive Change In Your Life! —An Amazon bestseller! She is a dynamic leader and trainer, specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting and Goal-GETTING!

About Sherry

Sherry Brantley is an Amazon Bestselling author, speaker and certified life coach. She has published more than a dozen books successfully, and her passion is to truly show others a simple process to becoming 1st time authors quickly and easily!

Sherry is the owner of STEPP—Start To Exercise Personal Power and STEPP Publishing! Her goal is to assist people to become First-Time Authors—more quickly, more easily and with Less Stress!

Years ago, Sherry had a thirst to become a 1st time author, but without the resources that are prevalent today, she underwent the painstaking process of ‘going it alone.’ Sherry knows what it’s like to ‘not have a clue,’ and to stumble in the dark while trying desperately to discover a way to a clear path of becoming a published author! She completed months of ‘trial and error’ during her researching phase, while consciously developing tools and resources along the way to assist others to also reach their dreams of becoming published authors.

Sherry set out to educate herself on what was needed to publish books successfully, and then, began adapting what she learned in regards to writing, publishing and marketing books while assisting others to do the same!

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